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About Us

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A Better Way of Traveling and Touring the World

Hi before you plan doing business with us, it is important to understand who we are and why we started this company.

We are a couple who travel a lot and run a channel called “Harshik vlogs” in YouTube. In my travel experience I have come across many situations, where I felt the need for a tour package to travel peacefully and also to enjoy my vacation without being bothered.

But fresh experience of mine made me realise the need of trustworthy and Hassle free travel solutions.

This happened last year when my parents along with my aunt and uncles planned a visit to Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan. because I travel a lot I took up the responsibility in finding a good travel agent who can provide us a nice tour package and also hassle free experience, because my parents are senior citizens and have never travelled long distances there was no other option other than finding a package. And also I could not take the risk of sending them alone in an unknown locations. so I searched in internet and found a travel agency with lot of good comments and reviews on Google.

Next, what to wait !! I called them and asked for a package according to my itinerary and finalized a package according to our needs. The day finally came when my parents flew to Delhi and met the guy from travels which was already booked. To summarize the tour, even though the tour was okay they had to face a lot of difficulties because he had promised something and had delivered something else.

So from my side, managing them from my place through phone between both operator and driver became a headache even after getting a package tour. so in order to provide a good hassle free travel experience to elders and other tourists, we started this company. our Motto is to provide maximum security, mutual trust and hassle free travel experience.

So I call you to join me in my small effort.

The world is your oyster, come explore with us.